A Comparison between Bluetooth Receivers and Wi-Fi Audio Receivers

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Setting up wireless speakers has become easier with the introduction of suitable devices from manufacturers. In this post, I’m going to look at two of these devices and draw conclusions in how far each of these devices suitable for specific applications. In particular, I’m going to look at Bluetooth receiver devices is well as Wi-Fi audio receivers.

Let’s start with the first type of device: Bluetooth audio receivers. These receivers have been available for almost a decade. They essentially pick up the Bluetooth wireless signal and convert it to an audio signal which can be connected to an amplifier. The amplifier then is able to drive loudspeakers. For people who don’t have Bluetooth wireless speakers, using a Bluetooth receiver can be useful. However, Bluetooth …

How to Restore a Vintage Loudspeaker

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If you have a loudspeaker in your garage it has been collecting dust then it is time to put it back to use. There’s no point in having a speaker set around without any use. Aside from taking up space it will actually degrade in terms of quality over time. I have prepared some tips that should help you restore your vintage loudspeaker in order to get it ready for your today’s audio equipment.

The first step in bringing life back to your old speakers, is to do a thorough cleaning of your speakers. That doesn’t just include the loudspeaker enclosure but also the diaphragm of each speaker element. In order to get access to the diaphragm, you might have to take of the …

Ways for Streaming Music Via Bluetooth

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Bluetooth has become a common standard lately for transmitting audio to speakers and other devices. Initially, Bluetooth was not intended for streaming audio but since it has become so popular amongst portable devices, manufacturers have invented ways for transmitting stereo audio via a Bluetooth protocol. Older standards such as Bluetooth 2.0 or Bluetooth 2.1 typically all use some sort of audio compression. This is a limitation of Bluetooth and that the bandwidth which is available does not support transmission of uncompressed stereo audio.

However, most types of source material such as MP3s have already been compressed. When transmitting over Bluetooth, however, the compressed audio usually does not get transmitted in its native format but instead is being the coded inside the transmitting device and …

Some Tips for Setting up Audio Equipment

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I have some experience in setting up audio gear because I have worked as an installer for almost 20 years. I have some expertise in setting up very expensive systems but also am familiar with installing entry level type products. Regardless of how expensive a particular set of components is, there certain things to consider when setting up equipment which will not only improve sound quality but also help minimize problems. I suggest you read the next few sections because I will show you some tips which I have accumulated over the years.

Usually installing audio equipment is not that expensive. However, some work needs to be done if there are wires to be installed across the house. Obviously, there are some wireless solutions …

How to Eliminate Speaker Cable Mess by Using Bluetooth

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In this post, I’m going to show you how you can utilize commonly available Bluetooth audio receivers in order to reduce the cable clutter in your living room. You probably realize that there are wireless speakers on the market which are designed for installation situations in which it is not desirable to run long speaker wire. However, most of the speakers have one is advantage. They need a dedicated audio transmitter. Bluetooth speakers on the other hand eliminate the dedicated transmitter because you can stream directly from a portable device. However, the sound quality of many Bluetooth speakers on the market is rather poor.

That is where Bluetooth audio receivers come in. I’m going to show you how you can set up speakers without …

Some Things to Watch out for When Purchasing Wireless Speakers

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It is easy to be lured into purchasing a specific set of wireless speakers by reading the marketing material from their respective manufacturer. Usually, these types of materials read the same: enjoy unlimited freedom with whatever model that particular vendors offering. Also, usually every vendor promises ultimate sound quality and easy set up. That may or may not be true. But with so many models of wireless speakers crowding the market, it is not always easy to pick the good from the bad. I will try to offer some tips for how you can figure out which particular model you should take a closer look at.

cool speakers which are wireless

The first question you should ask yourself is whether the wireless speakers you are interested in should support …

How to Use Your Cell Phone for Streaming Music

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Modern cell phones are much more sophisticated than phones that were sold five years ago. They are pretty similar to tablet computers. A brand-new cell phone that has either the android operating system or the iOS system from Apple already offers many functions that traditional phones didn’t have. One of these functions is playing MP3s. Therefore, a smart phone is an excellent tool for storing one’s personal music collection. When going to work you can just enjoy your music on the go or eat while driving you can plug in your phone to your car stereo and broadcast you music over the car speakers. Instead of storing music on the phone itself you can also stream music from online music services. However, keep in …

Review of Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

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In this review, I’m going to look at some outdoor Bluetooth speakers. The speakers is a quite unique. They differ from other Bluetooth speakers in that the speakers themselves do not have a Bluetooth receiver but instead get the signal from a transmitter unit. This transmitter unit does have a built-in Bluetooth receiver which receives the audio from a portable device. Then the audio signal which is extracted by the transmitter is then modulated onto another signal. The signal is then being sent to the speakers. This might seem quite are to somebody. In particular the drawback seems to be that you are dealing with an additional transmitting device. However, this approach is to advantages. The first advantage is that both speakers can be …